Best software to build a data warehouse

A cloud data warehouse is a database delivered in a public cloud as a managed service that is optimized for analytics, scale and ease of use.In the late 80s, I remember my first time working with Oracle 6, a “relational” database where data was formatted into tables. The concept of a data service where I could load data and then query it with a standard language (SQL) was a game changer for me. In the 90s, when relational databases began to struggle with the size and complexity of analytical workloads, we saw the emergence of the MPP data warehouses like Teradata, Netezza and later, Vertica and Greenplum. In 2010 at Yahoo!, more than 20 years after the birth of the relational database, I was lucky enough to witness a sea change in data management with an open source project called Hadoop.

Data analytics services

A cloud data warehouse uses the space and compute power allocated by a cloud provider to integrate and store data from disparate data sources for analytical querying and reporting.

  • Data integration with ETL/ELT processes.
  • Flexible SQL querying of data.
  • Ingestion of all data types (structured, semi-structured, unstructured).
  • Big data ingestion.
  • Streaming data ingeston.
  • Full and incremental data extraction/load.
  • Data transformation of varying complexity.

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