Reliability Engineering

Tecognize will ensure reliability and maintainability for the assets starting from point A to point Z.

How we do it!

Initially, we grasp the company’s goals and aspirations, enabling us to pinpoint KPIs or
key performance indicators. This insight also aids in setting quantifiable reliability goals,
including aspects like uptime, latency, error frequencies, and availability benchmarks.

Subsequently, we examine the current IT framework to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities
or frailties. Our team of reliability engineers performs a risk evaluation to highlight
essential components and possible failure junctures.

We incorporate reliability engineering concepts into the system’s design and structure.
Subsequently, we introduce redundancy and mechanisms that are tolerant to faults,
reducing the risk of single failure points. Our team ensures the systems are devised with
inherent monitoring and self-repairing features to autonomously identify and rectify

At this stage, we set up processes for incident management to address failures or
service interruptions. We then perform a root cause analysis (RCA) to determine the
core reasons behind incidents, taking corrective measures to thwart similar challenges in
the future. Based on the insights gained, we consistently enhance our incident response
and restoration methods.

We develop a comprehensive knowledge repository to archive procedures, system
blueprints, solutions, and more for future reference. Additionally, we provide training to
your chosen team responsible for system operations to ensure they are in sync with the
established procedures.

List of Reliability Engineering Technologies We’re Expert In